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Israeli Air Purifier Could Bring Japan’s Karaoke Industry Back to Life

- December 23, 2020

Aura Air signs $30 million deal to supply Japanese market with air purifying system, which has proven to be 99.99% effective in killing COVID-19.


“The karaoke association says that there are 100,000 [karaoke] rooms all over Japan,” Eliyasov said. “Currently, most of them are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.” 

Oren Eliyasov, business development director at Aura Air.



“Basically, we found out that we’re capable of reducing the coronavirus by 99.99%, which gives a lot of confidence to clients and those who would come and sing in the karaoke rooms.”

Aviad Shnaiderman, co-founder and CEO of Aura Air.



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Docomo Pacific installs Aura Air smart air filters in all of its retail locations and call center

- January 07, 2021

“As an essential business, our stores have been operating throughout the pandemic and the responsibility of providing a safe environment for our teams and our customers has been enormous. Having the Aura Air filters in our stores add an extra layer of security. They filter Covid-19 particles in the air and improve overall indoor air quality. My teams feel so much more confident reporting to work. And we want our customers to feel the same when they visit us,” said Raelene Campos, senior manager, retail & customer care, Docomo Pacific. 


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Aura Air purifiers coming to Guam and Saipan restaurants

- January 04, 2021

“Different from common [high-efficiency particulate air] filters on the market, the Aura Air uses both UV-C light and two patented technologies to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.” said Dr. Geoffrey Galgo, medical director, Guam Medical Care, at a Nov. 17 press conference.


NAKICOS Corp., which does business as Subway and Chili’s, has partnered with Docomo and Aura Air to create a pilot program in the two restaurants. Marcos Fong, managing director of NAKICOS Corp., told the Journal, “We’re pretty confident we will see some results.”


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Israeli company outfits buses with COVID-19-fighting air system

- January 11, 2021

The Aura Air system, installed inside a bus, could also be used to revive tourism industry during the pandemic.


A study conducted at Sheba Medical Center — Israel’s largest hospital, which uses the system — determined it has the ability to destroy various viruses, including the coronavirus, at a rate of 99.9 percent, according to The Media Line


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日本AB Town集團在位於熊本的商務旅館的147間客房、6餐飲店,皆安裝Aura Air空氣清淨機,以提供顧客最安心的服務環境。